Enforce Your Rights With A Mechanic's Lien

Contractors, subcontractors, laborers, and other workers who provide materials, labor or equipment to the construction, remodeling, or repair of a property may be able to protect themselves by attaching a lien to the property. When properly filed, a mechanic’s lien is an effective means of ensuring payment for any party that has contributed to the development of a real estate project. If a property owner does not pay for the materials or service rendered, the lien holder can seek to sell the property to cover the amount due.

However, Indiana’s mechanic’s lien statutes are complex. Working with a lawyer who understands the intricacies of mechanic’s liens and how to properly pursue enforcement of a lien is essential to successfully recovering what you are owed for unpaid work.

It is important to act promptly when filing a mechanic’s lien. Indiana law establishes tight timelines and strict notification requirements in which a lien holder must act to preserve his or her rights. Delay can result in the complete loss of a legal remedy. Call us at 317-669-2994 or use our online contact form to schedule an initial consultation.

The Massaro Legal Group, LLC, in Indianapolis represents contractors, subcontractors, laborers, and other parties in mechanic’s lien litigation throughout greater Indianapolis. Filing or “perfecting” a lien is a complex matter that is rife with potential pitfalls. It is important to work with an attorney who has extensive experience — and a track record of success — in this area. Attorney Jason M. Massaro has nearly two decades of legal experience, more than half that helping businesses and individuals in the Indianapolis area with mechanic’s liens and other real estate matters.

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If you need help pursuing payment for work or materials provided through Indiana’s mechanic’s lien statute, call us at 317-669-2994 or use our online contact form to schedule an initial consultation.