Resolve Disputes And Keep Your Construction Project On Course

Whether residential or commercial, construction projects embody the excitement of economic growth and new beginnings. Unfortunately, they are also a common source of legal disputes, in part because of the numerous contractors, subcontractors, and other laborers involved in a single project.

The best way to avoid costly and time-consuming construction litigation is to ensure that you have comprehensive contracts in place before a project begins. We review existing contracts and draft new construction agreements that best protect our clients.

The Massaro Legal Group, LLC, in Indianapolis, Indiana, has the experience and knowledge to help resolve construction disputes in the greater Indianapolis area. By working toward an effective and efficient solution, we aim to help our clients keep the project on course. We represent contractors, subcontractors, materials suppliers, lenders, and property owners in the full spectrum of construction litigation cases. This includes:

  • Delay or disruption issues
  • Design and construction defects
  • Surety and insurance issues
  • New construction warranties
  • Subcontractor issues
  • Insurance or bond coverage disputes

Our responsibility is to produce the best possible outcome for our clients. We have a strong track record of resolving construction and other real estate disputes through negotiation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution method. However, if the solution requires litigation, Jason M. Massaro is a trial-tested attorney who is always prepared to advocate aggressively on your behalf in court.

Work With The Lawyer You Hire And Trust

Our clients work with Jason from the initial consultation through the resolution of the case. He emphasizes clear communication so you understand all of your options. Real estate law is not a place to venture without trusted guidance. Call us at 317-669-2994 or use our online contact form to schedule an initial consultation.