We Help You Navigate Complex Matters Involving Minority Shareholder Rights

Business owners give away portions of their ownership interest for many reasons, primarily in exchange for initial funding from family members or to secure investors. The business owner will generally retain at least 51 percent ownership. By definition, a single minority shareholder does not have the voting strength to make or block important decisions.

Although they do not have a controlling interest, minority shareholders have significant rights. These rights can be both contractual in nature and determined by applicable laws in the state in which the company was incorporated.

At The Massaro Legal Group, LLC, we understand the complex relationship between majority and minority shareholders. Since 1996, attorney Jason M. Massaro has successfully guided and represented many individuals and businesses throughout greater Indianapolis.

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We provide assistance in a wide range of business matters involving minority shareholder rights related to:

  • Dividends
  • Inspection rights
  • Derivative claims
  • Oppression by controlling stockholders
  • Protective provisions
  • Liquidation preferences
  • Pre-emptive, first-refusal and “piggyback” rights
  • Board control, appointment of directors and officers
  • Noncompete clauses
  • Capital expenditure approval

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